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Original Sin (Personal Demons)

Original Sin - Lisa Desrochers "Lilith patted the bed seductively. Unable to deny his desire, Sam succumbed..." Damn it, that's still not the right story.So, despite my initial dislike of some most all of the characters in Personal Demons, I decided to go ahead and read the second book anyway because the plot has me intrigued. And after finishing Original Sin, I'm still intrigued, and I'm still planning to read the third book, but I'm pretty sure I'm never going to like any of these characters. I've sort of given up on that front.Original Sin introduces a new character, Lili--for once not wearing the body of a comely dental hygienist--and I must say, these characters are absolute idiots when it comes to her. She said "unholy hell." Who says unholy hell? Usually people from Hell. -_- Also anyone with any knowledge of mythology, re: hopefully the angels and demons in this book, should know that anyone named Lili using demonic catch phrases and magically seducing everyone she comes into contact with is probably bad news. I'm just saying.We also got to know Matt a little better in this book, seeing as he's one of the narrators. At first I hated him (see status updates for reference lol), but after a while like around the time he was going to Hell lol my timing is perfect I started to warm up to him.I feel as if, after two books, Gabe should be more developed than he was at the end of this book. The audience knows pretty much nothing about him other than what he is and how he feels about Frannie, and that's it. Is there more to his character than being an angel--excuse me, Dominion--who's in love with our dear heroine? At this point, it really doesn't feel like it to me. I wish he'd get a turn at narrating.Allow me to cover the remaining characters in one fell swoop: I don't particularly care for you at all.Now, to get around to the good stuff, the reason I'm still reading: The plot! There were some very interesting developments in this book involving who Frannie is, her family's history, etc. etc. etc. I enjoyed that stuff, I hope it's covered more in the third book. I'm also extremely interested in the bit at the end with demons restless in Hell and all the stuff with Rhenorian wanting Frannie to turn him into a mortal. I s2g if the Hell stuff is dropped in the next book I'm going to be pretty pissed.I still don't particularly care for the portrayal of angels as used-to-be humans, but I'm slowly getting over it. Idk I'm a bitch when it comes to mythology. I apologize in advance to all other books I'm going to review because if I don't like some part of your mythology, there's no way you can get five stars, and that goes for this book too (although obviously that wasn't the only problem I had here).Anyway so I guess I'll end this here since I'm at the office and there's a screaming baby like two doors down...here, have this Lilith-wearing-a-comely-dental-hygienist gif!