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Beautiful Beings (Beautiful Beings #1)

Beautiful Beings - Kailin Gow "From the first moment I saw you, I wanted to lose myself into those captivating spheres."wat.Yeah, he was drunk, but I don't think that excuses the "captivating spheres" line.So basically this book is about a girl named Lux(no, not this Lux:cute boys playing with children will be my downfall)and she fights demons, or...something? She doesn't seem to do much demon fighting though; she does a lot more snogging guys she has no chemistry with who she's not known long enough for me to really have any emotional attachment to their relationship.These characters don't talk like teenagers. In fact, they don't talk like anyone I've ever met. Please see the above excerpt from the book for an example of how they speak--and it's like that through the whole story.This was a short book, so I understand that the plot needs to move fast to get in everything that the author wants to cover, but I just felt like the pacing was completely off. Everything happens far too quickly. This book would have either benefited from cutting out most of the love square subplot so we could get to the actual demon-fighting a lot faster, or adding about 200 more pages if she wanted to cover that much plot in this book. You honestly get no time to really get to know the characters. Lux moves from Brax to Asher to Moore and back again very fast, and I never felt like I really knew any of these guys. Not here for this love square. I like there to be at least some sort of redeeming quality in the villain that makes me ~love to hate~ them, but I was mostly just annoyed with Shayne and Moore. Another thing I really disliked was how so many of the characters seemed to discover hidden, latent powers, or powers they hadn't previously revealed they had, at extremely convenient times. This Deus Ex Machina right now smh.Probably the most hilarious part of the book to me, as a Supernatural fan, was when it was revealed that Shayne and Moore had invited a bunch of demons to an auction.I bet Crowley showed up and brought his pinwheel.A scene straight out of Supernatural episode 8.02 tbh. All we needed was Kevin Tran: Advanced Placement and Alfie the Angel of Wiener Hut and it would have been a party.So yeah, once again, another angel book disappoints me. But I'll probably still read the second one anyway, because it's short and I already have it on my Nook and I hate myself.