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Asunder (Incarnate)

Asunder - Jodi Meadows INCARNATE was one of my favorite books of 2012, and I am so glad that I am able to say that ASUNDER did not disappoint. As high as my expectations for this book were, it totally surpassed them all. It didn't take me long to get totally sucked back into Ana's world. I immediately remembered why I loved this world so much. Not only is there amazing world-building in this book (seriously, we find out so much about the sylph and Janan and reincarnation and basically everything??? I love it!) but there are amazing characters and an amazing storyline.Oh, and did I mention amazing writing?"I wasn't familiar with the particular way wind cut across the iron corner in the northeast, or which trees groaned. I didn't know their voices.The sound remained, but the branches, half-dressed with autumn, became motionless."That was one of my favorite passages, and it manages to be both completely creepy and beautifully written.Ana, Sam, and their friends were great as usual. Someone told me they got angry with Stef in this book, and I was worried for a moment because I loved her in the first one, but I'm happy to report I loved her just as much in this one too. Stef haters can take a seat. She's my favorite.I really loved the introduction of Cris, too. NOOOOO CRIS MY BABY I'M STILL CRYING LIKE 20 MINUTES LATER I'M SO UPSET It took me all of two seconds to get overly-attached to him smh I need to slow down lest I get attached to every character who suffers a horrible fate and I thought he was a great addition to our cast will he be back in the next book? I WANT TO BELIEVE.OH BUT WHERE WERE THE DRAGONS??? I MISSED MY DRAGONS THEY'D BETTER BE BACK IN THE NEXT BOOK THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.Same, Dany.So yeah basically this book was perfect and if I have to give you all money and transportation to the book store you're all going out and buying it okay bye.