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City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare So I'm really not sure how to go about this review. I've written several different versions of it, but none of them feel right. So I'm going to make like an Angel of the Lord and ~just wing it. *Snorts at own joke* *I'm terrible*I had one version of this review where I wrote outeverysinglelittledetailoftheplotbut I don't want to do that. Some other reviewer will do that for you, or hell, just read the book yourself. Besides, writing out every single little detail of the plot is not what my reviews have ever been about. My reviews have always been about giving you my honest-to-god opinion of the plot and the characters, with a heaping helping of SPN references, sarcasm, and bitchiness. This one, I can guarantee, will be no different.So, Jace is missing! Sebastian wants to burn down the world! Clary has some incredibly ridiculous plan that might just be stupid enough to work--or get them all killed! In other words, nothing's changed.This book is half Clary traveling the world with "Team Evil", half bantering between the members of "Team Good" back home as they try to find a solution to Jace and Sebastian being bound together. There is a lot of Maia and Jordan having hot werewolf sex (wow there are two characters I don't give a shit about), Isabelle and Simon facing that awkward will-they-or-won't-they phase of their relationship (I actually do give a shit about them but not when their relationship is bringing the main plot to a grinding halt), and Alec and Magnus arguing like an old married couple (I can't deny I did enjoy this).Also, Alec has an incredibly ridiculous subplot about making a deal with Camille to turn Magnus mortal.Alec, love, what good did you think would come of this? If I would have been Magnus, I would stabbed you in the neck with a pencil in the middle of the night when I found out about this. You're my absolute favorite character in the series, and I'm by no means angry at you for this. I just think it was really dumb.I actually wasn't that upset when they broke up (omg string me up and shoot me through the head I DIDN'T CRY WHEN SOMEONE ELSE'S OTP BROKE UP). I'm ashamed to say I actually laughed, because Magnus made that Titanic joke which probably wasn't that funny but it was 4:00 a.m. and everything's funny to me at 4:00 a.m., and so there were Magnus and Alec, breaking up, and I was rolling off the couch laughing because Magnus made a Titanic joke. Am I going to Hell yet?If I wasn't before, I am now, because it's time to talk about--drum roll please--Clary/Sebastian incest! I won't even lie: I don't mind incest in fiction when it's between two consenting adults. Hey, you and your sister wanna fuck, that's your business. But Sebastian sort of crossed a line for me in this book, because clearly Clary was not consenting at all. What Sebastian did was sexual assault, he was about a step away from raping her, and that is not okay in any situation, incest or not. It's removed any chance there was of me liking Sebastian or ever feeling sorry for him, because I feel extremely strongly about these sorts of situations. I do not like characters who sexually assault other characters. And it's a shame he did that, because I think maybe I could have liked him if he hadn't tried to rape her. I liked Valentine. But I will probably never like Sebastian now, and rejoice when he dies the horrible death that I know is coming for him in the next book.I don't know, I just feel like the longer this series goes on, the less I like it. It seems to be getting worse instead of better. I have this particular book filed under "unnecessary sequels" on Shelfari because--what was the point of these three extra books, again? I feel like we're getting away from what's important, from the main plot. Way too much time is spent on these two characters making out or these two characters bantering back and forth and sometimes it's easy to forget what's actually supposed to be going on in the book.I will finish this series, though. I'm going to see it through to the end, because I've read five of these books so what's the point in stopping when there's only one more to go? CoLS was, at least, better than the previous book. Maybe City of Heavenly Fire will be even better than this one?