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Incarnate - Jodi Meadows This was actually a really good book!I've read a streak of pretty bad books lately with an okay one sprinkled in every now and then, but Incarnate was actually the first book in a long time that I really enjoyed from the first page to the last. The premise was excellent, the characters were great, and the ending left me excited for the rest of the series.Ana, our heroine, is naive but eager to learn. Of course, there's a reason for her being naive--she's the only eighteen-year-old among a civilization of people that are thousands of years old. I'd be a bit intimidated in her situation, but she's pretty feisty and keeps going after what she wants. Also thumbs up for no love triangles and a non-annoying love interest! Sam was great and I loved that Sam was Dossam omg I felt brief secondhand embarrassment for Ana upon learning that and I really liked him with Ana. I liked the relationship they had, the way they sort of took care of each other and needed each other. It wasn't a one-sided thing or a situation where one of them was totally helpless. All the other characters were great, as well--I consider myself to be Stef's biggest fan and I'm not sure I was supposed to like Menehem but omg the love I had for that man the second he appeared on the page (though I may have been biased because he killed Li and I hated Li) and when he died there were some legit tears shed; just leave me here to wallow in my underappreciated character misery thanks.The concept was pretty amazing; I loved the idea that the same souls are reincarnated over and over again for thousands of years, and I'm not a romantic by any means but I also loved the idea that two souls that were meant for each other might find each other in each lifetime (nbd just tearing up at Ash and Tera's rededication). The world Meadows has created was amazing as well, and I love the way she blended so many different concepts--I mean there were dragons, man. I love dragons.I've also been reading Jodi Meadows's blog as I'm writing this review and I've just learned she watches Supernatural.Perfect Person Award has just been handed out and it goes to her.Basically, I can't really put into words how much I enjoyed Incarnate. On a day like today, when there was basically a blizzard where I live, it was the perfect book to curl up on the couch and read. Yes, yes, this is good.This receives the Dean Winchester Seal of Approval from me.