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Requiem (Delirium)

Requiem - Lauren Oliver Hmm, I have to say I think this one was my least-favorite of the series. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it--I breezed through it; I would have read it in one sitting if I hadn't had class this morning--but there were just a couple of things that didn't sit well with me.I didn't mind the ending, which was sort of open, although I have a good idea of what probably happened to at least Lena and Alex post-series. I actually like an ambiguous series ending, as long as it doesn't end on a complete cliffhanger, and REQUIEM didn't. But there were a couple of unresolved plotlines and characters who I thought should have been given more attention, and I think part of the problem was that the POV has been split between two people now, and it's hard to give attention to everyone who needs it. I think I wouldn't have minded if the book had been longer. At first I didn't like Hana's POV (possibly because I hadn't read her novella) but about halfway through the book I began to enjoy it and I can see why it had to be included, but I still think I would have preferred the story just be told by Lena.The writing was really beautiful, especially the ending, which made me tear up. Honestly, as far as writing style goes, Lauren Oliver is one of my favorite authors in YA right now.Overall, this was a really great series. Despite some things bothering me in this one, I really enjoyed it. Since BEFORE I FALL is still my favorite Lauren Oliver book, I am really looking forward to seeing what else she writes because so far everything I've read has been spectacular.