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Finale (Hush, Hush)

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick Er, so yeah. I probably shouldn't have read this (it was on my "to torture myself" shelf) considering the fact that I really, really dislike Patch and Nora's relationship, plus the writing and plot aren't really anything spectacular (the fact that I was in a real debate with myself about whether or not to pick up this book should say a lot about how invested I was in the story line), but I must hate myself a lot, because I read it anyway.Well, "read" might be giving myself too much credit. Read several chapters, started skimming, then read the last few chapters is probably the credit I truly deserve for what I did with this book. (Somebody always gets angry when I say I skimmed parts of a book.) (What did you want me to do, sit there actually reading it until I spontaneously combusted from the poor relationships and below-average writing?)I just don't really feel like there were any redeeming qualities in this book? Yeah, it wrapped the series up if you like Patch and Nora as a couple and I don't I like Scott, that's obviously what doomed him--every character I love dies in the end but I thought she should have quit while she was ahead, re: the first book, re: the one book in the series I could tolerate. I actually sort of flew through that one, but when it was over, I was like "Wat." Mostly due to Patch and Nora and the nature of their relationship, a feeling that has followed me as I read the rest of the books.Yes, please tell me more about how they are the definition of ~true love~ and how Patch is so good to her and how his behavior throughout the series does not come across as strange or creepy at all.I would have called the police on your ass, punk.I can understand why these books are about angels, as ~the Lord was testing me~ throughout this series. I don't know if I would say I regret reading these books, as I cannot deny enjoying the first one--despite the problematic nature of the relationship it focused on--but I had less and less patience with the characters and the story line as it when on, until I was finally totally done with everything in this one. I do feel like this series could have been really good. I wouldn't have minded the writing so much, and maybe would have even been emotionally invested in the plot, if the characters and their relationships had been better. But it didn't play out that way.So yeah. No baby no.