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Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Might as well get this out of the way right now:Bless Kendare Blake for giving these characters those names.Bless Kendare Blake for coming up with this plot.Bless Kendare Blake for writing this book.Now that we're through with that--wow. I am really in love with this book. Anna Dressed in Blood is definitely one of the best books I've read in 2012.Because I loved this book so damn much, I'm going to go ahead and skip over all the Cas-Mr. Dean-Lisa-Anna-woman in white-phantom hitchhiker-wendigo-magic knife-my whole brain is crying stuff that I would normally do at this moment and just talk about the book. It is a damn good book, my friends. Everything was just...asdfghjkl; perfect. I don't scare easily, so I never really got creeped out at any point in this book like I'm sure I was supposed to, but I loved the plot and the characters so much that it didn't matter. Seriously, these characters were just so real to me. I loved each and every one of them, especially Anna, even Will, okay and the one I didn't like got ripped in half so who cares lol and I loved reading about them. No insta-love here, which was also a pleasant and much-welcomed surprise. I've had too much of that in books I've been reading lately.It's no secret that I love the paranormal. If I hear there's going to be a ghost involved, I'm all over it. So this plot, you guys. This plot. Cas kills ghosts with a magical knife that belonged to his father, all the while trying to avenge his father's death. I don't think I need to say why I loved that so much. And everything--the characters, the atmosphere, the relationships--were all just weaved into the story so well. Nothing felt forced to me; everything just fell into place perfectly as the story went on.I feel like I can't say enough good things about the ride this book took me on, nor can I say them very eloquently because 1.) I'm very sick with a cold today and 2.) I'm still coming down from the high I get from reading a very good story. But trust me when I say it was seriously that good, and I'll definitely be coming back for more when Girl of Nightmares is released. In the meantime, I'm sure I'll be visiting this world again several times.This Review Was Brought To You By The Woman In White: