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A Touch Mortal

A Touch Mortal - Leah Clifford I truly did not get this book at all. And I usually cannot even attempt a review of a book I didn't understand. I even tried re-reading it, and I guess I *got* it enough to bump it up to two stars (I originally had it at one), but still...I just don't know.Really, what the fuck did I just read?The plot of this was so confusing, I just...what even...I don't...really? I mean, seriously?Let's start with the romance, a.k.a. A Love So Instant. Literally within the first three chapters, they are trading I-love-you's. I know there was a time skip, but...really? I MEAN SERIOUSLY? (I will probably say that a lot in this review, just a warning.)There was also probably something about a love triangle, but since I skimmed most of the parts with Adam in them since around that time things got way too confusing for me, I really didn't get most of that.If things got explained a little better, maybe I wouldn't have skimmed. But seriously, there are all these terms used and all these characters who just pop up out of nowhere and none of it really gets a very good explanation...I just don't get it. I'll give the idea credit for semi-originality. The Siders did remind me a lot of Rogue from X-Men (and what a coincidence, I've actually been rewatching the X-Men movies over the past couple of days) but I'll give it a pass because I love the X-Men so yeah, cool with me. Interesting idea, really.However, the idea just wasn't executed well. At all. I hate info-dumps as much as the next person, but it's frustrating when you're reading about Screamers and Siders and the Touch and you just have no idea what they're talking about, and when it is explained (vaguely), it's done after you're already so confused that you have a headache.The characters were...really not enjoyable people for me. I really appreciated Eden's insistence on not taking Az back when she found out he'd faked his death, but then later, with no warning, they start kissing and there are more I-love-you's being thrown around and I just...I'm still wondering if any of this really happened or if I imagined it...?The only character I actually liked was Gabe. I s2g you better not bring up what happened to him at the end lol I was already too attached to him at that point, besides with Castiel being my favorite angel you should know I naturally drift toward angels who end up going in that direction. We all know which road is paved with good intentions. :)! I actually sometimes skipped Eden's chapters to read the ones focused on him (hate on me haters).When Castiel isn't around, Gabe fills my daily Gay Angel Quota!I'm almost tempted to read the next book just to see what happened to Gabe. (Oh my God would I really subject myself to that?) (Probably.) (I've subjected myself to SPN seasons 6 and 7 to see what happened to Castiel.) (So yeah not like I haven't done that before.) And also to see if things ever get explained. Which I hope they do, because this series honestly has a really interesting premise. I just don't like the way it's been executed so far.Edit: Also lol I have to add I did not expect Az's full name to be Azazel. I thought he would be Azrael, since they seemed to be going with the theme of naming angels after actual--you know--angels, with Gabriel and Lucifer and whatnot. But I guess since he was ~halfway fallen~ he didn't count as an angel? Anyway, I had to laugh because when I think of Azazel I think of both that character from X-Men and also Azazel from SPN. I like Azazel from SPN a lot better than Azazel from this book, just saying.