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A Beautiful Dark

A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies I feel the need to go ahead and say that this book gets two stars just for being a book about angels. I'm not sure that I actually liked anything else about it, honestly. Now, allow me to tell you what exactly was wrong with A Beautiful Dark.All the first 100+ pages needed were some porn and they could have passed for a PWP, because I literally had to go on something of a scavenger hunt for the plot. Plot? What plot? And when I FINALLY found it, the characters were so frustrating that I could barely force myself through it.Skye was not as bad as I had originally thought she was going to be. In fact, she ended up being one of the only characters I could tolerate. I did hate how she seemed to need a minimum of three boys falling over her at all times, though. Cassie annoyed me through the nearly the entire book, but after she got in the wreck I was screaming at my Nook "No, wake up, you weren't nearly as annoying as some of the others!" Dan and Ian were tolerable, though. I rather liked Dan, actually.Really the characters I couldn't stand were the two ~love interests, Asher (a.k.a. Team Free Will) and Devin (a.k.a. Agent of Fate).Were they supposed to be likable? R u srs my boi? Because I was completely with Skye when she said she was her own person and she could take care of herself. All the two guys did was push her around and stress her out. I already hate love triangles, but I especially hate love triangles where the two guys don't like each other and are going at it, always guilt-tripping the girl for hanging out with the other one. It drives me crazy.Plus, Asher watching Skye sleep? Wow, how Edward Cullen of him.(Apparently it's an angel thing.)The ending really killed me, though. I hate a cliffhanger, especially one like that. It makes me feel obligated to read the next book, even though I know Skye will survive, just to see what the fuck happened, because honestly the last, like, ten pages were a complete blur to me, totally confusing up until the point where she got stabbed.In short:The little bit of backstory we got on the mythology--the two warring sides, the Order, the Rebels, all that jazz--was pretty interesting. But the plot moved along so slowly, and the characters were so annoying, that I'm just not sure I can sit through another book of it. *Sigh*