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Angel Burn

Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly DON'T BLINK, BITCHES!Disclaimer: 1.) The following review will probably include a lot of Doctor Who references, and 2.) I'm in a really good mood because I'm listening to Glee's version of Love Shack (the B52's version was my favorite song when I was in middle school) so, no matter how much of this book may annoy me, I will probably not bitch about those things to the full extent of my ability. Also, 3.) THERE WAS A UNICORN SHOOTING A RAINBOW OUT ITS ASS ON SPN TONIGHT! How could I not be in a good mood after seeing that? Angel Burn has been called the best YA angel book out there by many friends and reviewers I trust, plus I recently read a review comparing Alex to Dean Winchester, so there was no possible way I couldn't read it. And I just want to know--Did we all read the same book?First, I must say that I love the concept of evil angels. Evil angels are what make the world go around, or at least Supernatural seasons 4 and 5, which are the world to me, actually. Plus who doesn't love the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, which I thought of around every corner in Angel Burn since they have something in common: They're not angels, but alien creatures, and they'll kill you. So I do not fault the concept of this book at all; it has nothing to do with the reason I didn't enjoy it. I think it has more to do with the characters and the relationship they were in. Oh wow, has stuff like that really ruined books for me lately. Willow, our heroine, starts out as this fairly kickass girl who works on cars and gives psychic readings and truly seems to care about her peers and her family, then quickly melts into a puddle of goo upon the sighting of the aforementioned Dean Winchester-like love interest.Enter Alex, who is supposed to be very attractive and wants to kill Willow. That idea apparently goes out the window very quickly considering what happens next.At first, Willow seems to think Alex is crazy, or maybe just on drugs.That idea also goes out the window very quickly, because she only has to touch his hand once to feel "the heat flicker through [her]." We all know where this is heading now. -_-There's a point, barely halfway through the book, when it says "[Alex] could hardly imagine being without [Willow] anymore." ARE WE SERIOUS HERE?I mean, I understand Alex is a lonely guy and he's glad just to have someone spending time with him but I sort of get the feeling he didn't mean that bit of third-person narration in a just-friends sort of way, you know what I'm saying?And it's not even that I really mind when two people say things like that, it's that the entire relationship between Alex and Willow seems to be based on purely physical attraction. Half the time they're talking about each other, they're saying how attractive the other one is. Is there not more to a person than that? Have we as a society slipped that low? (Wait, don't answer that question.) Before you call me a hypocrite, I don't like Misha Collins for his looks; I like him because he said he couldn't get out of his underground bunker because he was turning the doorknob the wrong way. Okay, now that I'm finished bitching over that bit of plot, I'll get around to the other stuff I didn't like: Was Raziel being Willow's father supposed to be something we didn't already know? Because I sort of thought it was a given, but idk that's just me. And even though I really liked the idea behind the story, the plot dragged a lot, especially toward the middle. I skimmed a lot, admittedly. (I've been doing that a lot with books lately.) (Idk just having a hard time finding a good one, I guess.)But, like I said, there was stuff I did like. Love the idea of the evil angels. I actually do like Willow and Alex as SEPARATE CHARACTERS WHEN THEY ARE NOT WITH EACH OTHER. I guess I could sort of see how that reviewer got Dean Wincester=Alex, although since Alex never said this,I can't say I like him as much as Dean.(That gif is going in all my reviews of angel books now that I've finally found it omg it's my favorite Dean quote ever.)Probably not going to read the next book because sighhhh if only I really thought I could sit through more of the Alex/Willow ship. And the quest for more good angel books marches on...This Review Is Brought To You By Unicorns Pooping Rainbows: