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The Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan Dear readers, I had a wonderful review planned, but then I did some searching around and found out that the author does not like to see her books compared to a certain television series. Had I written this review in the way I originally intended to, I would have made about a thousand comparisons to said show. Because I am a writer myself, and I wouldn’t like it if someone compared my angel books to Touched by an Angel, I will instead avoid going that route in this review. I will not mentioned the television series which, for all intents and purposes, we will call The Show That Must Not Be Named.I will also, as an added bonus, try my hardest to avoid using gifs from The Show That Must Not Be Named. This will be especially difficult because I have a combined 800+ gifs of the two people who make up The Ship That Must Not Be Named, which as we all know is from The Show That Must Not Be Named. There was, admittedly, a lot of skimming done in this book. It reminds me of the first time I read City of Bones, and I skipped two entire chapters in a row (I did not skip entire chapters in The Demon's Lexicon, but I did skip paragraphs and even whole pages here and there). It was a bit odd that this book didn't keep my attention, because usually demons are totally my thing. Maybe it was the characters, or possibly the writing style (I've seen several reviews describing this book as too much telling and not enough showing, and that's so true), but for some reason I just found myself having a hard time picking it back up after putting it down.My biggest issue may have been the fact that I totally guessed the ~*~huge plot twist~*~ way before it was ever revealed. Like, when they were on the boat way before. Maybe even the first time Nick talks to Leannan in the book way before. I see nothing wrong with foreshadowing, but there's a point where you can drive it into the ground. I prefer the type of foreshadowing where later, after you've already had the plot twist revealed, then you can go back and appreciate those little moments where you say "Oh! So that's why that happened earlier." I also think the worldbuilding was a bit...hmm, I don't know. Neglected? Unexplained? There were supposedly all these magical things in the world, demons and magicians and whatnot, but there was really very little explanation given. A few of the characters were likable. Mae was nice, as was Jamie. I ranged from unsure of what to think to really disliking everyone else. Our main character, Nick, did not charm me at first, but eventually as we learned more about him, he became complex enough for me to excuse that (to an extent). Alan firmly falls into the not-sure-what-to-think category. I really rather liked him in the beginning, but my tolerance for his character was not as high by the end. If I did not mention the character in this paragraph, then I wanted to slap them. They're not worth mentioning lol.Yes I wanted to slap nearly everyone at some point.Because I did not particularly care for the characters or the worldbuilding or the writing style, my enjoyment of this book hinged on the plot. Yes, not even the plot could keep me interested. I did not care enough about the characters to really mind if they lived or died; I did not want to keep chugging along for the big twist at the end because I'd already guessed it.So why did I give this book three stars instead of one?As a fan of The Show That Must Not Be Named, I am an absolute sucker for anything involving brothers who want to protect and care for each other. I understand fully that Nick and Alan are not really brothers, nor are they exactly on the absolute best of terms throughout the whole book, but it's those little moments that really get me. Also, the fact that there were demons--and the fact that I was constantly reminded of The Show That Must Not Be Named--was enough to elevate this to three stars for me.I don't know if I'll read the next book, though it's already on my Nook. I've heard it actually turns into something of love triangle-square-dodecahedron and we all know I like to avoid those unless I hear at least half the characters are getting slaughtered when it's over. And I figure that probably won't happen. We'll see.Overall, love the brotherly stuff. Hate the worldbuilding and drop-an-anvil-on-you foreshadowing. Mixed reactions on the characters. Eh. I don't know.This Message Was Approved By Drunk!Dalek.