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Personal Demons

Personal Demons - Lisa Desrochers "...and they sank into the throes of fiery demonic passion."Wait, that's a different story.Anyway, I spent the majority (or all) of this book extremely frustrated with just about all the characters. I feel the need to reward myself for actually finishing it.How did Frannie get all these guys hanging all over her? I can understand maybe Gabe and Luc after her just to tag her for Heaven/Hell, but she's got them plus one puny human pursuing her in a romantic sense, and I just...I don't understand. She's likable enough, I guess, but I must have skipped over the part where the girl walked on water because I'm just not feeling it.And speaking of Gabe and Luc...I really just had no idea what was going on there. Does she love Luc? Does she have feelings for Gabe? Do I really care either way? No, I don't. I really liked the idea of tagging souls for Heaven or Hell, but I'm not really sure how I feel about the mythology at its core (re: how the angels and demons themselves are portrayed). On one hand, I will clearly read anything with angels and demons. On the other hand, I don't feel as if the mythology and the world the author built in this book were terribly original or groundbreaking. This is also like the seventh angel book I've read in a row where the main angel was named Gabriel; good Lord, when is somebody going to give Uriel some love? (This is a sign for all authors writing angel books to go out and name their angels Uriel, okay? 1.) It's an actual angel name but 2.) Nobody uses it for some damn reason. So go do it. Now. For me.)Also I'm now going into bitch mode with a pet peeve of mine but you don't need to read it because it's also a spoiler. Angels are CREATED BEINGS. They were made by God. People who die do not become angels. Not even guardian ones. Like I can appreciate that yeah it's your mythology you can do whatever the fuck you want with it but I just hate it when authors try to use the idea that angels--at least some of them--used to be human. Because just no. I'm no angel and demon expert or anything (although I did get an ask box message on Tumblr today asking me about Azazel's origins, which made me feel pretty badass), that's just something that bothers me personally. You're free to throw tomatoes at me if you want.I know I've made this sound like the Book from Hell (lol no puns intended anywhere) but I swear I did actually like it. Even if I didn't really care for any of the characters and some of the mythology sort of rubbed me the wrong way, the plot moved at an okay pace and I'm going to read the next one because I truly do want to know what happens.This gif feels oddly appropriate so I will end with this: