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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand I re-read this book today in preparation for the release of the next one in January. I don't normally go back and review books after a re-read unless I really did not get them the first time through (not the case here), but I really wanted to add a review for Unearthly because it deals with what everyone knows is my absolute favorite subject--angels.When I hear the word "angel", I automatically think of a lot of different things. I guess the first thing that comes to mind, after Castiel of course, are those creepy-ass weeping angels in Doctor Who:DON'T BLINK!Luckily, the angels in this book are not trying to eat anyone's face (for the most part). Instead, they all have a purpose to fulfill, an idea I enjoyed. Our heroine Clara is a fairly likable girl; I usually judge characters by how many times they make me roll my eyes, and she didn't cause that to happen too often. However, with nearly all the other characters (and don't get me wrong, I love me some Clara's Mother), I had this feeling like I couldn't trust anything they were saying, particularly Jeffrey and Angela. And it's not that I actually think they're outright lying to Clara, I just always had a feeling they were up to something. What was Jeffrey doing during the fire? Did Angela really not know that telling Clara about the Black Wings would draw them to her?(I'm not ready to break out the ANGRY sign quite yet if those questions don't get answered in Hallowed but inquiring minds want to know.)So how do these angels compare to other angels I've read about/watched/whatever? Well, for me, nothing beats those badass douchebags from Supernatural (Castiel is my everything you guys), but I like the idea of every angel having a different and specific purpose as opposed to just being a guardian or sitting on a cloud playing a harp (lol). Yeah, they've got me hooked. Hallowed is on my GoodReads shelf "Need Like Air" haha.I would love to be able to tell you that Clara and Tucker are my favorite angel/human couple ever, but sadly I cannot, as that title goes to these two:(*Weeps into pillow* *Goes down with the ship*)However, that's not to say I didn't enjoy Tucker and Clara together. I just didn't like them as a couple as much as I wanted to. I felt like it was a bit tainted for me because Wendy was pushing them together at the beginning, and I hate when that happens. *Prepares to be hit with flying fruit* It's just my opinion guise.However, that doesn't mean that I had a problem with Tucker as a character. He made me laugh for the first time when Clara danced with him at prom and he was explaining to her how he came with three different girls. I thought pretty much everything he did was cute or funny.But I still like Christian better.And I don't know what it is, I don't know if it's because I sort of believe Clara and Christian are supposed to be together for their purposes or maybe it's because I liked a guy like Christian in high school so I knew where Clara was coming from, but I just like him better than Tucker. I'm not sure I think either of these guys are right for Clara right now--maybe I need to make a new ship. Clara/Wendy? Clara/Angela? I could roll with either of those.(I ship Angela/Jeffrey a little though, I call it the I-Don't-Trust-Either-Of-You ship.)Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I can't really explain why I didn't give it five stars because I don't really know myself, but it was just missing that extra something that makes me absolutely love a book. So while I liked Unearthly A LOT, enough to willingly sit through it and enjoy it more than once now, it's still missing whatever it is that skyrockets a book to my favorites shelf. I'm pretty much counting down the days until Hallowed is released; I can't wait to revisit this world.As a bonus, here's an angel-related gif for you: