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Daughter of the Forest (The Sevenwaters Trilogy, Book 1)

Daughter of the Forest - Juliet Marillier Wow.I read this book because it combined my two favorite subjects: Dystopias and angels.When it was over, I found myself staring at my Nook likedid I really just read that?The answer is yes. I really did.First of all, before I even get around to the kick-ass heroine or any of the other characters I loved, let me just say that THIS IS WHAT ANGELS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. I don't mean to be a bitch and tell you how to write your mythical creatures, but these are the type of angels I go for. Not the fluffy and nice type. I love to read about angels with a dark side, so needless to say, I really, really enjoyed the way they were presented in this book.(Also points for including Uriel, the Funniest Angel in the Garrison.)The characters were great. Penryn was a heroine I could really root for. She was smart, headstrong, and put her family first, all qualities I love in a character, and through the whole thing, I never once found her annoying. I loved the other characters, too--there wasn't a single one I didn't at least feel a bit of sympathy toward. I usually find myself annoyed with YA love interests (this is where all my weird ships come from--if I don't like what's already on the water, I sail something else), but I really enjoyed Raffe, along with the fact that the romance was definitely not the main point of the book. I can't deny that I am a huge fan of gore in books. It takes a lot to make me squirm in my seat. This book definitely satisfied me on that front; the descriptions of the children who had been cut open and sewn back together were chilling, as well as the half-eaten people and the dead girls in the tree. I had guessed that the things doing the killing were probably the kids, but it didn't come too far in advance from the moment it was revealed, so nothing was really ruined for me. After getting to the last page of this book, I decided I need the next one immediately. I've heard that this series could extend far past just two books, and if that's true, I definitely welcome it. With angels and a dystopian setting, plus refreshing characters, what's not for me to love about Angelfall?This Message Has Been Brought To You By Angels Who Just Don't Understand.